Motherly Love

  • Petra Lunenberg
  • The painting is called Motherly Love and is inspired by our work on SRHR in Uganda. The death rate of mothers and children in Northern Uganda is very high due to lack of staff and good equipment. That’s why Amref Flying Doctors is training local African midwives and nurses. They make sure women can give birth with good supervision and so all babies can have a safe and healthy start. The also vaccinate babies so diseases like the measles and whooping cough (pertussis) can be prevented. And they provide family planning advice and family planning services so women can choose if and when and how many children they want.

    Due to covid-19 these regular health care services like mother and child care and basic SRHR-services are at risk. The vaccination programmes are on hold and contraceptives and hiv/aids medicines are harder to buy.

    Petra was inspired by the work of Amref and the progress that have been made in a country like Amuru. She created this Motherly Love artwork because she believes that the love between a mother and a child is universal. It should not be a curse but a blessing to give birth. And you should not worry if you can give your baby the vaccinations they so desperately need without falling into financial hardship. Every mother has the right for good medical care, no matter where you come from.


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