Only the church is open

  • Ylenia Baldanza
  • Ylenia is a philosophy student who enjoys writing poems. As a feminist and queer activist, Ylenia likes to include political hints in everything they write.

    During the first lockdown (March 2020 – May 2020) some right-winged people were asking the government to open churches in order to attend religious functions. As the second wave of Covid-19 came along, churches stayed open. As a bisexual, polyamorous person, whose rights and existence are never taken into account by the government, this obvious privilege was deeply upsetting. This poem is about living as a queer person in Italy during the pandemic. Churches are open, priests give their sermons condemning homosexuality, and meanwhile, LGBTQIA+ people are still murdered because of their identity. Covid-19 made it even more obvious than before that Christian morality is a burden that still affects queer folks. I hope my poem can raise awareness about privilege and discrimination.


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